Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day #17 - Think Outside the (Big) Box

This Saturday, we’re traveling to Perry, Georgia for the Mossy Creek Festival.  (Come along via Twitter and Instagram!)

Arts & Crafts shows are a great place to find one-of-a-kind items for your home.  You’re putting your money directly in the hands of the artist/craftsperson and supporting the local economy in the process. Plus you take home some wonderful pieces that you won’t find in the big box stores.  Everybody wins! Check your state department of tourism website for a list of events.

Proud mom moment - Ally was one of 13 honorable mentions out of 125+ entries!
Looking to help out some up-and-coming artists?  Try your local high school or college.  Many of them have art shows and sales a few times a year, especially around the holidays.  Over the years we've added to our pottery collection by supporting the local college’s art department sale.  

Pottery/ceramics entry
And finally, don’t forget antique stores.  We usually bypass the furniture (heaven knows we don’t need any!) and look through all the small stuff.  I’m always on the hunt for enamelware bowls, English pottery and stoneware, and anything made of copper.  
Next time you’re looking for that perfect piece for your home, say no to the big box and yes to craftsmen and small businesses.  You’ll have a lot more fun, I promise.